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“Romance and Intimacy How do they fit into a full human life? November 2017

 What We Talk About When We Talk About Corruption.” Corruption is one of the most discussed concepts in the world, but neither scholars nor citizens seem to agree on what they are talking about. This paper tries to clear the underbrush—and perhaps also clear the air. November 2017.

“Corruption Across Countries and Cultures.” Different countries and cultural clusters exhibit different patterns and densities of corruption. This paper asks, “So what?” September 2017.

“Genetic Adaptation to Historical Pathogen Burdens.” Ancient diseases triggered genetic adaptations that persist today. This study represents a proof-of-concept that may pave the way to the analysis of future aggregate measures coming from whole-genome sequencing/genotyping data. (with Johannes Fedderke and Valerio Napolioni). July 2017.

Corruption and the Rise of Trump.pdf