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Christianity for Young Intellectuals

Warm-up Exercises for Big Thinkers


Selected by Robert Klitgaard

University Professor, Claremont Graduate University



To access the guided readings please click on the following link:

Christianity for Young Intellectuals

Why These Readings?

If you’re like many young intellectuals, Christianity seems quaint at best. 

Maybe superstitious. 

Maybe even pernicious, a sign of an anti-intellectual worldview. 

The doors of your mind and heart may shut prematurely. 

If so, these essays may blow the doors open wide. 

Some of the world’s leading authors appear here, mostly in pieces without wide circulation.  Their writings engage and charm.  They address big questions you may not have verbalized, but once raised, you say wow, that’s right.  What if you figured everything out—then what?  Where do science and the humanities stop short?  What is happiness?  What is a full human life?  Two essays describe Jesus’ profound impact on history and on secular philosophy.  Many signs point to something more.  Could it be Jesus?

These “warm-up exercises for big thinkers” are not trying to convert you.  Instead, they hope to help you broaden and deepen your studies and your life.